This is the early model, no AM or FM modes or warc bands.

This is the later model with AM/FM and warc bands. Also has an audio peak filter for CW switchable with the 'width' control. The width seems like more like an IF shift in operation.

Also sold as the 101Z which had an analog display. Notice the later model - AM or FM boards were an option, but only room inside for one option board. Also had an optional 12 volt inverter and optional cooling fan. The author found the toggle switches for NB and ATT functions to be prone to scratchy contacts just like the toggle switches on the E/EE series.

Significantly different from the 101 E/EE series, this rig has 6146B finals and several large PC boards instead of the EE series small boards. Receiver seems to be more sensitive and selective than my 101E, but internal construction is not as 'bullet proof' tough.