The first 2-meter tranciever stable enough to allow tunable SSB and CW operation. The VFO is a capacitivly tuned oscillator with a mixer crystal for each band (just like HF trancievers of the 70's and 80's), but with one big difference - the VFO/mixer circuits are INSIDE and stabalized by a Phase Lock Loop circuit. This was obviously not designed for the "appliance operator" either. The top cover comes off with 4 quick-fasteners to reveal lots of pots and trimmer caps, all with labels.

Also unique in that the FM receiver section has a seperate IF strip than the AM/SSB/CW reciever. There is a  third IF strip for the transmitter. Adding to the complexity is that the front end stages of the receiver and transmitter are tuned to each band by varactor diodes.

 The 'channel' positions are crystal slots for fixed frequency operation. The US version of this rig has 8 bands of 500 KHz each. Provides repeater offsets in 146-147 section of the band by switching mixer crystals in the TX. 10 watts output and similar 'computer card' design as the 101 series.