my tnx to Mike W1USN for his support of pictures and infos

Take a look INSIDE the FT-70

See also the NC70 and FC-70

Mike,W1USN setup for portable operation

2-29.9999 Mhz, 10W Tx Pwr, Man Pack Transceiver. Manufactured by Yaesu for use by the armies of Japan, India and most notably the Contras. Very few were ever bought by non-goverment users. This particular package includes lots of extras. Package includes: FT70G Radio, FC-70M All Band Tuner, YH-70 Telephone Handset, CSC-70 Carrying Case, NC-70 3-Speed Charger/Power Supply, MH-17A8 Splash proof Spkr/Mic, Extra Battery Box, Operators Manual and Service Manual.