That widget underneath the rig is a frequency memory and scanning device. Rig itself is 100 watts output, 80 thru 10 meters plus 'warc' bands. Modes are SSB, AM and CW (Provision for narrow CW filter).  The unit measures about 4" high (including feet) x 9-1/2" wide x 12" deep (from front panel to back of heat sink). It has a tilt stand which folds out from the bottom to provide some tuning space. Receiver has RIT and a Noise Blanker and both RF and Audio gain controls.  Receiver also has a variable Bandwidth Control varying from 300 Hz to 2.4 KHz. This is not an IF shift but a bandwidth adjustment. Speaker faces the bottom of the unit which makes it convenient when tilt bail is out as sound seems to be coming from front of unit.  Has digital display (obviously), but also a calibrated analog dial. Has IF width control, crystal calibrator, noise blanker, VOX and fixed freq. provision, but no general coverage RX.