This rig enjoyed a long production run, and was also sold by Heathkit under a different model #.
Covers 10-160 meter & General SWL Coverage Receiver (100kHz to 29.999.9MHz continuous)  Modes: USB/LSB/CW/AM/FM RF Power: 100 watts: (USB/LSB/CW/FM) 25 watts Carrier (AM) LCD Display with Amber Backlit, makes it easy to view in all lighting 20 memory channels, Clarifier (RIT), Lock, NAR Filter Switch, Attenuator, Noise Blanker, MOX, Mode Button, VFO to Memory Button, Memory to VFO Button, VFO/MR Button, Split Button, Priority Memory Button, Fast Button, Band Button, Frequency Knob, AF(Audio) &  Squelch Knobs, Mic Gain & Drive Power Knobs. radio weighs 7.25 pounds! Dual VFOs A & B, Runs off of 13.8VDC, CAT (Computer Control) Feature!


This radio was OEM made for Heathkit in the late 80`. The product number from Heat was SB 1400.