RTL 2007 / RTL 7007

One of the most popular radios in local 2-way communication because they got the German approval numbers very early. Ham operatores loved them for the very stable construction. You can easily change the 8 channels. The radio was produced in three different versions, covering different frequency ranges: Most users loved the clear sound from the front speaker.


low band: 146-160 MHz

high band: 160-174 MHz

UHF band: 450-470 MHz

Power: 0,5 - 8 Watt

Mode: FM

Power: 13,2V DC max. 2 Amp

Size: 160 x 50 x 158 mm

weight: 1,5 kg

The radio can be set up with the 5-ton-SelCal unit to adress around 1000 radios in a system. The 5-Ton system was very popular in central Europe during the 90th.

PS: I still have a FYG4 Frequency Programmer ... if someone needs help...please feel free to ask me any time.