Yaesu Microphones...

well, a must for the collector of old radios.

We use to collect the original microphones or the original accessory microphones from the YAESU Musen factory. That`s what a collector is looking for.

We will not judge if after market microphones will increase the signal or have a better audio. This discussion is very old... decades ago the user of the FT 101 started to find the best settings for the FT101 / Astatic 104 combo... and they are still working on that.

Audio is a very special thing... listen to the ESSB freaks on 17m with 4KHz enhanced SSB signals or on the other side of the discussion the processor driven clear audio contest stations... some difference.


What we will show you with this page: the perfect tuning for the original YAESU microphone.

The German ham operator Olaf Grundmann, DM2CM of Waldheim, Germany started a few years ago to find solutions to improve the speech power of  the original range. Now we are using here one of his modified MD100 with great feedback from each QSO. The MD100E is a great working combo with the FT 950. Olaf provide with the microphones also a perfect suggestion for the transceiver setup. Not useless in the time of 3-band audio processing like FT 950 and Ft2000. The MD100 was also tested with Ft101, FT 901, FT902, FT102, and Ft-One... Good results under all conditions.


Also we are using a modified “Original-Microphone” for the FT 857.

The mechanical finish of the mod is very well done ( LED installed in MD 100 to show the status)

Just to avoid any misunderstanding: we have nothing to do with the business, we are “just” satisfied customer

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MD 100 E Hals u.Fuß
MH 31 E Panasonic
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Setupinformation for some modern YAESU transceiver running the Grundmann microphones

MD 200 E Datei PDF

First MD 200 Modification just finished. You can select your own version of audio setup