The VX-1210 is the solution to your HF backpack needs. While other HF  manpacks can cost in the thousands, and provide function you do not need, the  VX-1210 is a very affordable HF link to keep you in touch. With wide band  coverage and multiple operating modes, the VX-1210 provides the comm.-link you  need with features you need, like: programmable toggle buttons, (that provide  for low power, VFO, memory, etc), Alphanumeric labels for each of it™s 500  channels, Selective calling, over the air kill, Noise Blanker, CW semi break in,  lightweight/high capacity Lithium Ion battery. For your basic HF communications  needs, the choice is easy. For features you need, at a great price, and a three  year parts and labor warranty, how could you go wrong with the new VX-1210 HF  radio.


Frequency Range:

RX: 0.5 - 30  MHz

TX: 1.6 - 30  MHz

Number of Channels:

500  Channels

Emission Type:


Channel Spacing:


Antenna Impedance:

50 Ohms  (Unbalanced)

Temperature Range:

”22 F to +140 F  (-30C to +60C)

Frequency Stability:

±1.0  ppm

Display Type:

Liquid-Crystal  (LCD), with Illumination

Key Controls:

3 Knobs, Power  Switch, 3 Programmable keys


DC 14.4 V  Lithium-ion Battery

Recharge Time:

5 Hours  (Typical)

Current Consumption:

RX: 500 mA  (Saver off), 100 mA (Saver on)

TX: 5A(20 W),  3A(5W)

Case size (w/o knobs):

7.6(W) x 2.9(H)  x 10.8(D) (193 x 74 x 274 mm)

Weight (approx.):

7.1lbs. (3.2  kg) w/FNB-66Ll Lithium-ion Battery



20W/SW (J3E/A1A/F1 B), 10 W/2.5 W (H3E)

Duty Cycle

25 % Voice

Modulation Type

Balanced Modulator (SSB:J3E)

Early Stage/Low Level (AM:H3E)

Spurious Emission

-56dB or better

Carrier Suppression


Undesired Sideband Suppression

55dB@ 1.5 kHztone

Audio Response (J3E)

350 2650 Hz (-6 dB)

3rd-order MD


Microphone Impedance

2 k Ohms, condenser type


Circuit Type

Double  Conversion Superheterodyne

Intermediate  Frequency

47.055 MHz  & 10.7 MHz


0.25 ~iV  (J3E/A1A, 10 dB S/N)


2.4 kHz/5.0 kHz  (”6 /”60 dB)

IF  Rejection

80  dB

Image  Rejection

80  dB

Clarifier  Adjustment Range

±200 Hz (J3E/A1  A/Fl B), ±400 Hz (H3E)

Audio  Output

At least 1.5 W  into 4 Ohms @ 10% THD

Audio  Impedance

4 - 32  Ohms

*Measurements made per EIA standard  TIAIEIA-603

*Specifications are subject to change  without notice or obligation.


MIL-STD 810D  Method/Procedure

MIL-STD 810E  Method/Procedure


514.3/Procedure  1, Cat. 10

514.4/Procedure  1, Cat. 10


Si  6.3/Procedure 1

Si  6.4/Procedure 1